Leadership Development

Assessment and coaching –
Helping you nurture talent and develop your key people

Well directed leadership development enhances the capability of those in-charge to perform critical leadership functions within an organisation. Our leadership development services aim to build self-awareness and cultivate leaders who can set the direction and inspire others to achieve departmental and organisational goals.

Eagar People provides assessment packages designed for junior leaders, technical experts, aspirational types, right through to senior executives who want to better understand their baseline strengths and development needs, and then set a plan in place to build on their leadership or professional capabilities. Organisations regularly use our assessment packages and expertise at the front end of their leadership development programmes in order to identify where participants need to focus their development efforts. We use a range of psychometric assessment tools, surveys and coaching depending on the context and the needs of the organisation or group.

These include the Saville Wave Saville Leadership Risk Assessment, Hogan Assessments (Hogan Personality Inventory – HPI, Hogan Development Survey – HDS, and the Motives, Values and Preferences Inventory – MVPI) and 360 Degree Feedback surveys to name a few.

How our services can help develop your people

Based on your objectives and the needs of an individual we will weigh up what assessment or approach will work best. In some situations, assessment is not required as an individual may have been through extensive testing previously or have strong self-awareness and know the areas they need to work on. So the recommended approach could be a mix of some assessment and coaching, or alternatively be more heavily assessment based or coaching based. We have commonly requested development services available, but in all cases, we like to discuss your needs first to make sure the approach or package is best suited for your context and goals. You are likely to benefit from our services if you –

  • Want to Improve the ability of key people to inspire and lead staff
  • Want to teach or embed skills that are essential for successful leadership
  • Are onboarding and want to build in relevant performance objectives to get new hires quickly up to speed
  • Are wanting to build succession pipelines and prepare tomorrow’s leaders for future roles
  • Are wanting to promote or change a culture that leads to improved performance
  • Are wanting to see where your current leaders have strengths and where there are shared opportunities for improvement

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