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Psychometric testing and debriefing – Helping you hire the right people for critical roles

Incorporating selection assessments into your recruitment process aids in providing a long-term competitive advantage to your business by uncovering important information about candidates before making hiring decisions. Psychometric assessments used as one part of a recruitment process, can assist your business in avoiding poor and costly hiring decisions by picking up on crucial information about a potential candidate’s style and capability that may not come through in a traditional interview or be stated in a CV. Psychometric assessment and solid candidate debriefing can improve selection decisions by highlighting important information about a person such as personality traits, cognitive abilities, motivational mindset, behavioral style, team fit and more. Potential employee testing can also provide a hiring manager or selection panel with a look into leadership potential, suitability for future roles, management qualities, teamwork traits, promotability, and more.

Eagar People adds validation to your recruitment process through a detailed assessment of each candidate, whether you are looking at a preferred candidate for a role or wanting to compare a shortlist of candidates before moving them further through the hiring process. As organisational psychologists and selection assessment experts we use experience and a range of robust tools from reputable assessment manufacturers to help you sift through your candidate pool and find the best applicants.

Our favourite recruitment & assessment tools

Based on the role, the behavioural attributes and capabilities you are hiring for, we will help you to decide on suitable assessment batteries for each job. We will also help you to interpret the psychometric assessment findings and make the best use of the assessment information within your wider recruitment process. However, to give you a taster of some of the tools we use, here are a couple of our favourite assessments.

Saville Assessments

We are accredited and have broad experience in using the Saville Assessment tools which include the Saville Wave, Saville Focus, Saville Leadership Risk Assessment, and Swift Analysis tools. Saville’s bedrock tool – The Wave Questionnaire is purported to be the most valid predictor of key competencies that directly impact on job performance.

Hogan Assessments

Visit Our Hogan Assessment Page

We are accredited and have extensive experience in using the Hogan Assessments. The three key personality tools produced by this company – Hogan Personality Inventory – HPI, Hogan Development Survey – HDS (AKA – the Darkside), and the Motives Values and Preferences Inventory – MVPI, are some of the most widely used and recognised personality tools in the world. We like them as the results regularly feel right and candidates often say things like “that description is spot-on, and I think it is how people would describe me”.

Our process

Here are the steps we take when you engage with us to deliver assessment services
to support your recruitment process –
  • We discuss the role with you and the desirable attributes and capabilities you would like the successful applicant to have
  • Based on our conversation we then recommend an assessment battery to put candidates through and the timing for this
  • Once we have the name, mobile number and email address of each candidate we arrange the assessments with the candidate/s
  • Once candidates complete the assessments, they are provided with a comprehensive verbal debrief on their results (Depending on the service this may also include written feedback)
  • We then compile the selection report for management and either send this through to the hiring manager or arrange to deliver it in person during the manager debrief
  • Finally, we will provide the hiring manager and / or selection panel with a verbal debrief of the candidate/s assessment results

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